Love Anchors the Soul

It was my privilege and joy to shoot the wedding of Navy Lieutenant Andrew and Emily Nesburg a few months ago in Galveston, Texas.  Although the couple originally met in the bride’s home state of Washington when Andrew was stationed there, their first Texas date was at Moody Gardens Aquarium. I mean, what better way to say “Let’s fall into deep, deep love” than with a visit to an actual underwater wonderland, right?! Well, just like the tide that always returns to shore, the couple revisited Moody Gardens for their July 2019 wedding. Andrew came decked out in his military uniform, but he and Emily visited their same “tuxedoed friend” during their formal photos at the Penguin Encounter. Not your typical photo op for the Gulf Coast! 

Deep, deep love at Moody Gardens Aquarium

Deep, deep love at Moody Gardens Aquarium

Penguin encounter for couple’s formals

Penguin encounter for couple’s formals

Following the lead of bucking traditional customs, Emily allowed Andrew a “First Look” on their wedding day. After putting on that perfect dress, but before her march down the aisle, she and husband-to-be had a private moment -- or as private as a moment can be when the photographer is there!

Now Andrew’s hometown in Galveston County is known for being hot and humid all summer, so the couple opted for an all-indoor event to avoid that summer sun. They instead brought the warmth they were craving with their gorgeous rose-gold color scheme. This trendy and classy choice of hue reflected smiles of guests as they enjoyed all the amenities of a well-planned party in the social-media era. For example, a fun photobooth at the reception gave guests both an activity and a keepsake, thanks to Memories in the Spotlight by Susan Leining. Notably, Susan was one of Andrew’s former high school teachers who worked the booth and kept it running smoothly throughout the reception. See kids? Be on your best behavior in school because… karma! You wouldn’t want your old teacher to be constantly texting or roaming the halls instead of being “on task” entertaining your guests!. Emily, herself a teacher, would surely approve this piece of unsolicited advice.

Photobooth fun with Memories in the Spotlight

Photobooth fun with Memories in the Spotlight

 As the festivities wound down, couples aglow with renewed love drifted off hand-in-hand. Singles, and anyone with literal “puppy love” awaiting them at home, returned to their fur babies with unique wedding favors: custom dog treats! And, just when we thought the night couldn’t possibly have been more romantic, a fireworks display lit up the sky over the ocean. Dazzling enough for July fourth, it was a brilliant ending for the 27th, too.

Sparks fly at this magical send-off

Sparks fly at this magical send-off


A Superhero Themed Maternity Shoot?


When Shelbi told me she would like to incorporate her son's Superhero nursery theme into her maternity session, I couldn't have been more excited. What an awesome opportunity to get creative! 

My immediate thoughts were "Spiderman, crime fighting, gritty, alleys." Thank goodness this woman trusts me, because who puts gritty and maternity into the same sentence and expects it to be pretty? Me, that's who. 

We brainstormed on the best ideas for family wardrobe and soon came up with superhero themed shirts complete with a Captain America shield on her belly! Check out the adorableness. 


I knew from the beginning that Downtown Galveston was the right backdrop for this session, and then right before we began shooting, I stumbled across something awesome! This mural! She actually ended up ordering this image in a metal print for Baby Liam's room. I think it is such a fun, custom piece of art with a great message! And that metal will go so perfectly with the theme, too. 


Now, Shelbi knew she wanted family pictures with her husband, Jordan and daughter, Scarlett. But I really, really wanted something beautiful for her, too. I had a vision of a long green dress with red in the background. She rolled with it (again, thank goodness this girl trusts me)- and oh my word, did she deliver with this dress from Etsy Shop JunoBoutique. I just love it so much with her skin tone, and the pretty vs gritty of the alleyways. 

Galveston Urban Maternity Session

I had a blast planning and shooting this session, and now I can't wait to meet Liam! We'll be shooting his newborn session sometime in May! 


The Girl Behind the Camera

Hello! I'm Megan, I like long walks on the beach....

No, wait. That's not true. I'm not big on sand. I know first impressions are important and all- and I wish I could come up with something a little more interesting than "I'm a work-at-home Mom, currently in the trenches of raising two young children while trying to keep my sanity."

But, honestly, that's about as exciting as it gets in my average day-to-day. And I'm good with that. More than good, actually. Because I think the view from my office chair (relocated to the living room when we had to convert my office into a nursery- surprise!), is pretty darn good.

Current View. It's 10:30 in the morning, he's eating a cookie, and he's dumped out all the crayons. Totally rockin' this mom thing. 

See those little ones up there? They are the reason I leapt head-first into photography in the first place. I'm not sure if it's because they're growing up so quickly, or because I'm overly sentimental, but they make me want to take what I see and freeze that moment in time. In 30 years, I want to look back with them at pages and pages of photo albums and I want them to know they were loved. That even though I was always in the trenches, always behind on laundry and dishes, and a little disorganized with their school papers and deadlines...that I saw them and cherished the little moments that make up their childhoods. I want them to look at those pictures and see themselves how I saw them all these years. And I want these moments for myself, too. I never want to forget these days.

Just a couple of cell phone images, because #momlife. #workwithwhatyouvegot

Just a couple of cell phone images, because #momlife. #workwithwhatyouvegot


Now I am not one of those people who believe we have to document all of these moments with the help of a professional- our parents got by just fine with Polaroids and disposable cameras, and those images are no less cherished than any others we had done. But I DO believe in printing. Print everything you love. Put them in a box or an album. Back it up digitally or with a second print, but print for the long-term. Print so Future You can look back on these days you're living in right this minute. 

And when something big comes up? Some milestone or simply the desire for formal family portraits (that you're actually in for once)? That's when I hope you will trust me to capture what you see when you look at your own family.